Community profile

Currently, there are 360 undergraduate and 67 graduate resident members of the Ormond community. In addition, there are over 100 non-resident members and 20 resident members of Senior Common Room. This makes Ormond by far the largest residential community of the University of Melbourne and among the largest colleges in Australia.

We take pride in the diversity of our community – in fact, diversity is one of Ormond’s values. Our members come to us from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. It is the wide range of outlooks and perspectives which make our community and its interests enormously vibrant and varied.

Our student community includes students from over 30 different countries, as well as every state and territory of Australia. This year, there are students from more than 120 schools.

To ensure that the College's value of diversity is realised, students are selected from metropolitan and rural Victoria, interstate and overseas.

Our students are drawn from the following four categories with roughly 25% in each and no more than 33%:

  • Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Rural and Regional Victoria and Australia
  • Interstate
  • International

Students come from a wide range of schools and backgrounds - government, community, independent and international.

All students are enrolled in the University of Melbourne or its affiliates, which include the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Business School and the Australian National Academy of Music.