The Ormond community is best understood through its values. The College is a values-based, rather than a rules-based, community: all Ormondians subscribe to our values upon becoming members of the College. These values provide the compass by which members of the community may judge their own actions and the actions of others. To live in accordance with values entails both the freedoms and responsibilities of living in an adult community.

Taken together, our values embrace personal growth as a means to increase the capacity to make a disproportionate difference through citizenship. Our values create an enabling environment that is empowering and affirming of a heightened sense of social consciousness.

Our values are:


Where Ormond’s members are involved in exploring intellectual and academic pursuits and in coming to an understanding of themselves, their community and their world.


Ormond’s members participate actively to make friends and build mutual understanding, show care and support, and recognise the value of each person.


Where Ormond’s members from different disciplines, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs interact positively to develop an understanding of and respect for each other.


Ormond’s members live in and contribute to an environment with strong ethical values and clear behavioral expectations and in which truth, compassion, moral courage and respect are valued, recognised and modeled in everyday life.


Where Ormond’s members honour the original owners of the land, the College’s foundation, our natural and historic environment and the academic inheritance as cornerstones for continued progress and development in the life of the College.