Working at Ormond

Ormond College aims to develop students who will make a disproportionate difference in solving the world’s great challenges. We aim to make the living experience at Ormond a learning one by operating as a ‘values-based community’ rather than as a rules-based one. Behaviour within College is self-regulated by individuals agreeing to make sure their actions can be justified on the basis of one of the College’s five values – Learning, Community, Integrity, Diversity and Heritage – and by local communities in the College determining what their ‘neighbourhood norms ‘ will be.

Integral to way in which the College operates and to the way in which learning occurs is the College’s student administrative body, the Ormond College Students’ Club. The Students’ Club provides a wide array of activities and the context for the development of considerable leadership skill. The College works with the Students’ Club to maximize the opportunities for learning and growth provided by the Club and its activities.

We have a strong academic staff community over 20 senior academics and professionals, an undergraduate residential community of approximately 360; a growing graduate community; which is currently 67 students, a small non-resident community, which we are committed to growing and an alumni community. All these communities are part of the one College, but we also recognize the importance of providing distinctive learning offerings to each of these communities.

Ormond’s communities are diverse and we are committed for educational and equity reasons to continuing to develop that diversity. Currently, the demographic profile of our student membership is one of the most diverse among this University’s Colleges. There are equal proportions of men and women. Students come from metropolitan Melbourne, rural and regional Victoria, interstate and overseas. We actively encourage Indigenous students to apply for residence.

The College staff manage its core functions and is lead by an Executive team of the Master, Dr Rufus Black; the Vice-Master and Director of Communities; the Chief Financial and Operating Officer; the Director of Learning and Community; and the Director of Advancement. The College is affiliated with the Uniting Church in Australia although from its foundation it has been ‘open to students of all faiths or none’ and it operates through an independent Council, chaired by Andrew Michelmore.