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2015 Commencement Dinner

Assoc. Prof. Rufus Black talks about the meaning of freedom and diversity in Australia, and how the community at Ormond shaped that debate.

2009 Commencement Dinner

The Master of Ormond College, Assoc. Prof. Rufus Black, outlines his vision for the role and direction of the College in his first major public address as Master.

2010 Creative Innovation Conference

Assoc. Prof. Black speaks about the role of innovation in meeting the 21st century's challenges at the 2010 Creative Innovation Conference.

New & Old articles

2015 June New & Old: Civilised places

Uncivilised times require special attention to the task of being a civilised place.

2014 December New & Old: Entrepreneurship at Ormond

In each generation, we need to ask what it means to educate students so that they can make a difference.

2014 June New & Old: Our heritage

Ormond’s cultural DNA to seek ways to play a more expansive role in the life of the University.

2013 December New & Old: 40 years of coeducation (PDF)

As we strive for equality, what should we be doing to honour the distinctive experiences of men and women?

2013 June New & Old: Colleges in the cyber space (PDF)

The university cyber age has begun and it offers significant advantages over the current age. How does it effect the future of residential college?

2012 May New & Old: The need to improve Australian education (PDF)

Having a first-tier education system is critical not only to our prosperity but to achieving social justice. Here's how we can achieve it.

2011 November New & Old: Conversations (PDF)

Great conversations are a key part of the Ormond experience. But what makes for a great conversation?

2011 June New & Old: The Opening of the Academic Centre (PDF)

The Master reflects on the many ideas that have gone into the design of our new Academic Centre.

2010 November New & Old: Education in Australia (PDF)

Australian students deserve a world-class education. What are the ingredients?

Texts of Major Addresses

2015 Multi-faith Opening of the Legal Year (PDF)

The establishment of a balanced place for religion in relation to law in Australia and why it is important

2013 Valedictory Dinner Address (PDF)

In a world where coming-of-age for men and women is no longer governed for most by traditional or religious ritual, is there something we have lost that we should be replacing and, if so, how?

2011 Commencement Dinner address (PDF)

We live in a century in which "we possess the knowledge, technology and wealth to shape the destiny of the planet and the quality of life of its inhabitants." How will we become citizens who can meet the challenges of 21st century citizenship?

2010 Founders and Benefactors Dinner address (PDF)

What is the distinctive role of private institutions in creating public good in the world?