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The inspiring story of the College's fifth master is now available

Biographer Dr Sarah Martin brings Davis to life through his achievements, his failures and his humanity, setting his extraordinary story against the backdrop of the changing times. Covering all the elements of McCaughey’s life with incisive detail, this book-length biography will interest the many who met and knew him and those who lived through the era he helped to shape.

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Praise for Davis McCaughey—A life

Professor Stuart Macintyre (Ernst Scott Professor of History at the University of Melbourne) on the biography:

“Those who passed through Ormond between 1959 and 1979 knew Davis McCaughey as a man who was constantly busy and yet always had time for them, who enriched the life of the College with his own interests and entered into ours. Not the least virtue of this deeply-researched biography is the attention it pays to Davis’s contributions to a wide range of causes, all of them marked by his partnership with Jean and their shared faith. It relates the experiences in Ireland, Scotland and England that led them to bring their young family to Melbourne in 1953; the opportunities he saw and grasped in the University, the Church and the community; the leadership that culminated in the years in Government House. Sarah Martin writes with sympathy, insight and great skill to capture the man we remember and extend our appreciation of what he did.”

Professor Christiaan Mostert (United Faculty of Theology) on the biography:

“The book is very engaging, especially for those who knew him. It is also very informative, about many things. Even the family learnt things they didn’t know. I think it is a very balanced book. It doesn’t shy away from critical assessment. It is a great tribute to a man the author obviously admires, as so many of us do, but it is not hagiography! Davis and Jean appear very much as ‘real people’. The book is well written. I found it very satisfying, even exhilarating, reading. It brought Davis alive through things remembered but half forgotten and through a great deal of information that was new to me. Probably because Jean has so recently taken leave of us, reading the book was also tinged with sadness that we can now speak of these two marvellous people only in the past tense. I wish this book a wide readership and I am confident that others will enjoy it and value it as I have done.”

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