Key dates

Undergraduate Calendar 2017

ORIENTATION WEEK: Saturday 18 February – Friday 24 February inclusive
Returning students may enter College on Saturday 25 February.

SEMESTER 1: Saturday 25 February – Friday 23 June inclusive (17 weeks)

MID-YEAR BREAK: Saturday 24 June – Friday 21 July inclusive

ORIENTATION WEEK 2: Tuesday 18 July – Friday 21 July
Returning students may enter College on Saturday 22 July.

SEMESTER 2: Saturday 22 July – Friday 17 November inclusive  (17 weeks)

END-OF-YEAR RESIDENCE: From Saturday 18 November

  • Some Faculty dates will differ from those specified in the standard University academic year calendar, noted below. If in doubt about your teaching dates, please check with your Faculty.
  • Additional fees will not be charged for early admission to meet academic requirements, provided that annual residency does not exceed the standard 34 weeks.
  • Vacation rates apply to residence during the mid-year break and the end-of-year period. The vacation rate will be $95 per day, discounted by 50% when the kitchen is closed.
  • Orientation weeks are not included in the standard fee. An additional fee is levied by the College for Orientation Week.
  • The three weeks’ residency period, over the two non-teaching periods, are included in the 2016 College fee structure. They are not transferable to other weeks outside the College Calendar dates covered by the College fees.


The College's Undergraduate Calendar 2017 is available to download.