Biomedical Programs

Medicine is at the heart of Ormond’s DNA. With a critical mass of medicine students, two endowed medical fellows, resident tutors and regular tutorial assistance, an internship in India and professional readiness programs, Ormond is the right place to live and study for the MD and the Bachelor of Biomedicine. Learn more

Seymour Reader

The Seymour Readership is the result of a visionary benefaction to Ormond. Its endowment provides for a College Fellow to educate students in ancient philosophy and history. The current Reader, Professor Dan Russell, brings the big questions of our age to life and leads our Advanced Ethics seminar program. Learn more

Indigenous Program

Ormond’s Indigenous program is our commitment to improved Indigenous educational opportunities and outcomes. Visibility and understanding of Indigenous culture are integral to the program, which seeks to both support and challenge each student as they transition to University life. Learn more

Ormond Papers

Since its inception in the 1960s, Ormond Papers has been the home for the finest scholarship and creative work by Ormond students. Students have the opportunity to be published in a fully-refereed publication; students editors also have the opportunity to learn valuable industry skills. Read Ormond Papers

Speaking Fellowships

Our endowed speaker programs, including the Robson Fellowships, the Barney Allen Lecture and the G E M Scott Fellowship, are central to the Ormond conversation, giving students direct access to great thinking, unique arguments, and challenging points of view.

Access Programs

Open entry, accessibility and diversity are hallmarks of the Ormond ethos. We aspire to ensure that all students can afford Ormond’s educational experience. Combining scholarships, bursaries and employment opportunities, our access programs now provide assistance to over 100 Ormond students and their families. Learn more about undergraduate and graduate assistance