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2014: Blurred Lines 

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2013: Curious? 

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2012: Tradition and Dissent

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2012 Ormond Papers—Audio

Enjoy this year's edition of Ormond Papers with these audio tracks produced by members of the Ormond community.

Elita Frazer--Jardins sous la pluie (Debussy).mp3 (6 MB)
Elita Frazer--Jardins sous la pluie (Debussy).mp3

Jessica Hoopell--What Happened.mp3 (4 MB)
Jessica Hoopell--What Happened.mp3

Kerry O'Shea--Sweet Camellia.mp3 (3 MB)
Kerry O'Shea--Sweet Camellia.mp3

Linda Kouvaras--Chapel.mp3 (6 MB)
Linda Kouvaras--Chapel.mp3

Linda Kouvaras--Haunted Point.mp3 (5 MB)
Linda Kouvaras--Haunted Point.mp3

Linda Kouvaras--Postlude.mp3 (2 MB)
Linda Kouvaras--Postlude.mp3

Mandie Lee--Oh for the Wings (Mendelssohn).mp3 (3 MB)
Mandie Lee--Oh for the Wings (Mendelssohn).mp3

Thomas Walsh--Ballad On.mp3 (8 MB)
Thomas Walsh--Ballad On.mp3

2011: Our Academic Home

2010: Unity and Variety