College Fellowship

College Fellowship enriches the educational experience provided to students. Fellowships generate opportunities to strengthen and build relationships between Ormond College and members of the University, eminent alumni, and professionals from significant areas of the broader community.

Our Fellowships can be divided into six categories – Teaching Fellows, Professional Fellows, Research Fellows, Junior Research Fellows, Adjunct Fellows, and Visiting Fellows.

List of Fellows

Teaching Fellows

  • Dr Linda Kouvaras
  • Mr Allan Horsfall
  • Dr Hao Wu
  • Ms Ana Dow
  • Mr David Schaefer
  • Mr John Harris
  • Mr Michael Patterson
  • Dr Meena Iyer
  • Mr Domenic Trimboli
  • Ms Swati Chawla
  • Mr Bryan Cooke
  • Dr Dirk Den Hartog
  • Dr Andrew Mariotti
  • Dr Bruce Rigg
  • Ms Anna Hooper
  • Mr Frank Vetere
  • Dr Albie Brooks
  • Professor Leisa Sargent
  • Dr Greg Nyilasy
  • Dr Colin Burvill
  • Mr Peter Collins 
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Research Fellows

  • Associate Professor Jane Freemantle 
  • Ms Pera Wells
  • Professor Robert Wood
  • Professor Billie Giles-Corti
  • Professor Anne Steinmann
  • Dr Sandra Petty
  • Mr David Schaefer

Professional Fellows

  • Dr Robert Leach
  • Dr Deb Hull
  • Dr Anne Bourke
  • Ms Therese Robin
  • Mr James Brown
  • Dr Francesca Collins
  • Dr Richard Ward
  • Ms Kristen Doran-Stawiarski
  • Mr Andre Louhanapessy
  • Ms Sarah Bertie
  • Dr Ricky Sebold
  • Rabbi Aviva Kippen
  • Professor Michael Vitale
  • Ms Georgia McDonald
  • Dr Rowena Christiansen

Junior Research Fellows

  • Ms Sofia Rios
  • Dr Keith Hankins

Adjunct Fellows

  • Dr Monica Melanchthon