Our People

A terrific team driven to make Ormond an unforgettable experience. 

The College’s governance and management structure consists of a Council, the Master and an Executive Team.

Council is the governing body of the College, which determines policy, approves the College budget, and guides the strategic direction and development of the College.

The Master is responsible for the management of the College.

On a day-to-day basis the College is managed by an Executive team. This team is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of all aspects of College life, to ensure that Ormond provides an outstanding residential collegiate education and experience for its students.

College Council


Mr Andrew Michelmore OC 1971*

Deputy Chair

Revd Dr Robert Johnson OC 1966*


Professor Rufus Black OC 1988*


Ms Maryjane Crabtree OC 1975*
Ms Sally Draper OC 1980*
Mr Rob Stewart OC 1982*
Mr Peter Wade OC 1971*

*indicates year of entry as an academic

College Fellows

These Fellowships enrich the educational experience provided to students and are made of six types.

Teaching Fellows

Dr Linda Kouvaras

Allan Horsfall

Dr Hao Wu

Ana Dow

David Schaefer

John Harris

Michael Patterson

Dr Meena Iyer

Bryan Cooke

Dr Dirk Den Hartog

Dr Anna Hooper

Tiane Ryman

Assoc Prof Stephen McIntyre

Professional Fellows

Dr Robert Leach

Dr Deb Hull

Dr Anne Bourke

Therese Robin

James Brown

Dr Richard Ward

Kristen Doran-Stawiarski

Andre Louhanapessy

Dr Ricky Sebold

Rabbi Aviva Kippen

Georgia McDonald

Dr Rowena Christiansen

Research Fellows

Assoc Prof Jane Freemantle

Pera Wells

Prof Billie Giles-Corti

Prof Anne Steinmann

Dr Sandra Petty

Dr Alan Yu

Dr Brennan McDavid

Wade Ormond College Fellows

Prof Colin McLeod

Jodie Imam

Assoc Prof Kwanghui Lim

Dr Greg Nyilasy

Martin Nally

Prof Frank Vetere

Assoc Prof Albie Brooks

Marcus Powe

Prof Doug Hilton


Junior Research Fellows

Dr Rory Dufficy

Dr Florence Seow

Andrea Leiter

Dr Jeslyn Lim 

Dr Monica Melanchthon

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