Respectful Relationships at Ormond College

Ormond aims to be a community characterised by respectful relationships. Foundational to such a community is that it is safe and free of sexual harassment and sexual assault. The College pursues this aim by empowering individuals and educating the student community about positive psychological, emotional and sexual relationships. As the start of the year, and at relevant times during the year, the College communicates to the student community, in written and verbal form, that sexual harassment and sexual assault are totally unacceptable. If needed, the College has trained personnel to respond to reports and complaints of inappropriate behaviour.

  1.   Education

Our education strategy is to provide timely, relevant information and to encourage responsible student leadership and peer modelling and support. We do this by:

  • Ensuring all students are given clear information about the College’s approach to relationships 
    • During orientation programs, students are informed about the College’s values regarding respect for self and others, sexual diversity, consent, and safe sex 
    • The College’s Fair Treatment policy and attendant procedures is communicated to all students at the start of the year and this is repeated at specific times 
    • The College Fair Treat policy and procedures are made readily available on the College’s intranet 
  • Encouraging all students to engage in discussions and activities that support an environment of respectful relationships 
    • Over the course of the year, there is a program of educational events featuring guest speakers and experts – issues addressed include: respect for sexual diversity, healthy relationships, pornography, and other relevant topics 
    • Participation in gender focus groups and activities, such as Or-Ma’am, OrMan, Ladies of Leadership, and related off campus programs are encouraged 
  • Developing leaders with the skills to support a culture of respectful relationships 
    • Student leaders are given “Bystander Training” and there is a promotion of a culture of helping anyone at risk 
    • Senior staff mentor student leaders, encouraging them to be positive role models and honour the responsibilities that leadership entails 
  • Maintaining an internet pornography filter to emphasise institutional commitment to promoting healthy sexuality.

  2.   Support and Response

If a student has an inquiry or complaint they are able to gain ready access range of trained personnel for support:

  • For relationship related matters the College has male and female counsellors to provide advice and pastoral support. Counsellors are available to provide support to any students who initiate, or are responding to, a Fair Treatment Complaint
  • If a student wants to make a complaint, the College has staff trained in Fair Treatment advising and in responding to disclosures of sexual assault. The College also provides access to external professionals trained in Fair Treatment advising. The College’s Vice-Master has responsibility as the Fair Treatment Coordinator to ensure a sound process
  • If a student making a compliant chooses, or in the case of criminal acts, the College will support any student wanting to contact the police
  • All complaints will be thoroughly investigated in accordance with College policies, and any student deemed unable to live within the Colleges values and its Fair Treatment policies will be required to leave.

  3.   Ongoing development - Strategy Review

There will be an annual survey of the student population to collect data on knowledge, attitudes and experiences in this area of College life. A focus group, comprising of students and staff from across the College, helps to keep strategic initiatives, and relevant policies, current and effective. Consultation with external bodies and experts helps keep Ormond up to date with current best practice.

Updated February 2016

To download a copy of The Residential Colleges and Halls of The University of Melbourne Fair Treatment Policy and Procedures document click here.