The Centre for Ethical Leadership

The Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL) is part of Ormond College at the University of Melbourne and is located in the grounds of the College.

The CEL aims to bring evidence of the potency of ethics to the business world. Its dedicated research agenda is a demonstrable force in enlightening leaders to both the moral and commercial advantages of embracing the principle of fairness in decision making.

The CEL is dedicated to developing leaders with the capacity to thrive within an increasingly disruptive world. The CEL delivers the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship (VFF) each year and other programs which seek to develop leaders who embrace disruption with a positive spirit and proactive mindset, all the time framing their decisions with moral courage and clarity.

Visit the CEL website to learn more.

Vincent Fairfax Fellowship

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship™ is the CEL’s flagship program offers a select group of senior executive leaders the opportunity to engage with up to 20 others in the most advanced leadership experience offered in Australia.

The program anchors leaders in a moral decision framework and coaches for the development of moral reasoning skills and leadership capabilities, applicable in the most dynamic, disruptive and complex business challenges.

Many of these challenges have an ethical dimension that often goes unnoticed until “a crisis” erupts and the leader is fighting to preserve his or her integrity and the integrity and value of the firm.

Visit The Centre for Ethical Leadership website to learn more.

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