Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship

Creating the next generation of entrepreneurs

Established in 2015 with a gift from entrepreneur and Ormond alumnus (1971) Peter Wade and established on Ormond College grounds, Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship exists to create and empower the next generation of audacious entrepreneurs and deliver The University of Melbourne’s Master of Entrepreneurship.

A one year highly-practical and academically rigorous degree that will create highly-connected and skilled entrepreneurs that can create transformational, value-generating enterprises.

The degree is a collaboration between the Faculty of Business and Economics and the School of Engineering at The University of Melbourne and Ormond College.

Visit the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship website to learn more.

Why I gave my gift

Behind the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship is the very successful, but low-profile, entrepreneur and Ormond alumnus, Peter Wade (1971).

Originally from Geelong, Peter knows first-hand the changes that are sweeping though the Australian economy. He has watched the decline of manufacturing and heavy industry in and around his hometown and how Geelong has reinvented itself several times to meet the challenges it has faced.

Peter observes, “We need to create jobs and opportunities to replace those being lost. Traditional manufacturing is disappearing. Even service jobs, whether they are in call centres or law and accounting firms, are going offshore. Technology is disrupting existing business from media firms to retailers. Even those who work for others will need to be more entrepreneurial and innovative to help create Australia’s future.”

“We are a smart nation but still too few of our great ideas are generating the future of our economy.”

Peter goes on to say, “I have been involved in supporting education for a while now and it has given me enormous faith in the extraordinary talent of young Australians.” He is keen to see budding entrepreneurs equipped with the skills they need to take that talent and use it to create value, opportunities and jobs for Australia’s future.

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