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Dec 2015 New & Old #91

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In this issue:

  • Medical research and Ormond
  • The promise of a generation:  Clunes Mathison
  • Leading medical research today: Prof Geoffrey Donnan AO (1967)
  • To infinity and beyond
  • Pioneering women doctors
  • An industry insight for our students
  • Music at Ormond
  • Pulling through


June 2015 New & Old #90

N&O June 2015 cover

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In this issue:

  • Civilised places
  • Ormond's newest Rhodes Scholar
  • New Seymour Reader: Brennan McDavid from Princeton
  • Ormondians win an international business ethics competition
  • Ormond College Indigenous Program




December 2014 New & Old #89

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In this issue:

  • Entrepreneurship at Ormond
  • The Wade Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • World War 1
  • The Graduate Centre
  • Shaping Ormond's future
  • Interning for the Centre for Ethical Leadership
  • Professor Sir Lindsay Tasman Ride

June 2014 New & Old #88


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In this issue:

  • Our heritage
  • New life to Francis Ormond's portrait
  • Caring for the future
  • The disproportionate difference in action
  • Student Community Support



December 2013 New & Old #87


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In this issue:

  • 40 years of coeducation
  • Why don't we have enough female leaders?
  • Sporting glory
  • Reconciliation Action Plan


June 2013 New & Old #86

 N&O #86 Thumb

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In this issue:

  • Colleges in the cyber age
  • The Centre for Ethical Leadership arrives at Ormond
  • How Ormond selects students
  • Celebrating 40 years of women in residence at Ormond


December 2012 New & Old #85

 N&O #85 thumb

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In this issue:

  • Growing Ormond Together—An update from the Master and the Chair of Council
  • Creating our new Graduate precinct—A new building for graduates on the edge of Wyselaskie Lawn
  • The completed Gables rooms and Tower—See inside Ormond's new high life
  • Alumni Stories—featuring Dr Elizabeth Murchison, Professor Peter Singer and Professor Andrew Holmes Remembering Jean McCaughey (1917–2012)


May 2012 New & Old #84

 N&O #84

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In this issue:

  • The Master on the Future of Education in Australia - can Australia build a world-class education system to give us a fair and prosperous future?
  • Meet the New Seymour Reader - one of Ormond's flagship endowed fellowships returns Ormond educators - a feature on alumni who are leaders in education & teaching
  • Remembering the Triggle - a tradition between Ormond and University Colleges is relived
  • Stephen McIntyre at 70 - the maestro celebrates in style 
  • Philanthropy & Scholarships Feature - latest listing of all scholarship recipients and donors Web Feature — meet some of our Chancellor's Scholars



November 2011 New & Old #83

 N&O #83

In this issue:

  • The Master on Conversations—what are the vital ingredients of transformative conversations?
  • The MD program: One year in—we ask three of our new-generation medical students about their first year in the University's new medicine course
  • Ormondians & Wine—we meet some Ormondians bringing the wine to the table
  • Ormond's new Self & Society programs—students learning and making a difference in their local communities
  • Web Features—More Ormondians involved in wine and read the resolutions from the Interdependence Day event held at Ormond


June 2011 New & Old #82

 N&O #82

In this issue:

  • The opening of the Ormond Academic Centre
  • Archie Glenn’s 100th Birthday
  • Success in the Fulbright Scholarships for 3 Ormondians 
  • George Mounsey’s victory at the MCG




November 2010 New & Old #81

 N&O #81

In this issue:

  • JCR Cafe and Common Room spaces open
  • Experiencing medicine in India firtshand on the Manson scholarship
  • Reviving the College's Fellowship



May 2010 New & Old #80

 N&O #80

In this issue:

  • The Master on the Melbourne model
  • Opening of the George Scott Library
  • The story of the College's largest endowment, the Peter Callow Memorial Scholarship




November 2009 New & Old #79

 N&O #79

In this issue:

  • Our One College, Five Communities vision
  • Planning for the George Scott Library and new Cafe Teaching in the Community


May 2009 New & Old #78

 N&O #78

In this issue:

  • Kate Legge interviews the College's new and 9th Master, Rufus Black
  • The first students studying the new Juris Doctor course arrive at Ormond
  • A PhD candidate examines the life of Davis McCaughey