Graduate Fees


The graduate residential fees cover the cost of living, residence and board at Ormond College, including meals, heating, electricity, sport, cultural and social activities as well as college tutorials and academic programs.

Graduate contracts are made on an annual basis, paid in ten equal instalments from February to November. During January and December of the residential year, accommodation is available to graduate students at no additional charge, but with reduced services.

To see images of graduate rooms with their respective categories, please visit our gallery.

2017 Graduate Accommodation Options

Graduates have three meal alternatives; all meals, 14 meals (p/week) and 7 meals (p/week). Any additional meals are charged at a rate of $8.00 per meal.



All Meals

14 Meals

7 Meals


Wyselaskie House I and II
MCC levels 1 and 7    





Graduate Centre





MCC self-contained




Couples in Residence – Ormond is able to accommodate couples in McCaughey Court apartments. One person must be a full time student at the University of Melbourne or its affiliates. For more information and costs on couples in residence please email

Additional Charges

There are some additional charges for commencing students:

  • An enrolment fee of $575
  • A graduate bond of $600. This graduate student bond covers room condition, damage to College property, and return of college issues such as keys, academic gown hire and library books. The bond is refundable provided the conditions of the bond are met upon leaving College.
  • A Middle Common Room membership fee ($310 in 2016) is also levied on all resident graduates.
  • A GO-Weekend (Graduate Orientation Weekend) in February charge ($130 in 2016).
  • Internet is charged at $130 for unlimited use per semester. 
  • Printing is charged at 6c per black & white A4 and 40c per colour A4.
  • Laundary machines and dryers are provided on each floor. $2 for washing and $4 for drying.
  • Late payment fees are charged at 12% per annum
A more detailed 2017 Graduate fees schedule is a available for download.