Law Scholarships

JD scholarships
Two JD scholarships have been created specifically to support students studying law at Ormond.

Ormond College offers two specific scholarships for students undertaking graduate studies in law:

  • One scholarship awarded to a JD student from anywhere in Australia, recognising academic excellence and financial need.
  • One scholarship awarded to a new student within the fields of Medicine, Law or Engineering, with an interest in the history and development of the College.

The value of the scholarships in 2016 is up to $9,000.

Ormond scholarships are academically competitive and needs based.

Extra Features
In addition to dedicated law scholarships, graduate law students are eligible for general academic excellence scholarships, graduate tutorships and financial assistance bursaries.

Law students are also eligible for many non-specific scholarships. For a full listing of Ormond scholarships, please download the Financial Assistance brochure →