Mathematics Scholarship

The Walter Family Scholarship is a new residential scholarship at Ormond College for a student of mathematics. To be eligible, students must be majoring in mathematics as an undergraduate or undertaking a Masters or PhD in mathematics at the University of Melbourne.

Please note that the Walter Family Scholarship has been awarded for 2016.

The Walter Family Scholarship is valued at $15,000 for one year, remitted from college residential fees. 

Academic excellence is the primary criterion for the scholarship, but the College will also consider the financial needs of applicants. You will be asked to provide evidence of academic results and achievements as part of your application.

To apply, students should complete an application for residence at Ormond College accompanied by an application for the scholarship. If the student wishes to provide information about financial need, they should ask the Admissions Office for a financial assistance application form. Please note that a financial assistance application is not necessary to qualify for the Walter Family scholarship (but is necessary for most other scholarships at Ormond.)

Please visit the Intercollegiate Office website to apply for Ormond and download a Walter Family Scholarship application form to apply for the scholarship.

For further information about applying for this scholarship, please contact our Admissions Office on +61 3 9344 1107 or