Medicine Scholarships

The following MD scholarships have been created specifically to support students studying medicine at Ormond:

Peter Callow Memorial Scholarship ($200,000 in 2016)
For new or returning students from any year based on academic excellence/potential & financial need. Preference is given to students studying medical-related courses.
The Peter Callow Memorial Scholarship is one of the most significant college scholarship endowments in Australia. It was created by Nell Callow in memory of her son, Peter Callow, who was killed in action during World War II.

Sir Harold Dew Medical Scholarships ($16,000 in 2016)
For returning student/s in the medical sciences

Cairns Scholarship (up to $12,000 in 2016)
Open to a student from rural or regional Australia studying medicine, based on academic excellence & financial need

Thomas John Kennedy Scholarship ($5,000 in 2016)
For medical students

Nigel Sacks Medical Scholarship ($4,500 in 2016)
For a student in financial need doing a medical course.

Amounts listed refer to the size of the funds awarded to assist students in 2016, not necessarily the size of an individual award.

Medical students are also eligible for many non-specific scholarships. For a full listing of Ormond scholarships, please download the Financial Assistance brochure →

Students interested in general scholarships for the MD course should visit the Medical School's MD Scholarships page