Study with a large and supportive graduate community.

The collegiate experience is especially relevant for students studying at a graduate level. As you undertake the most demanding period of study of your life, the personal and intellectual support of your fellow residents in a graduate community is invaluable. Residence at Ormond is the opportunity to live and work closely with others studying your degree, forming close friendships and networks that will last beyond your time at College and into your professional career.

Some defining features of our graduate community at Ormond are critical mass, a global welcome and the Graduate Committee.

Critical Mass

Ormond is the largest graduate community in a traditional residential college at the University of Melbourne. There are over 60 graduate students studying at Ormond. About one third of students are studying in the MD program, and another third in the JD program. The remaining students study across a wide range of coursework and research degrees. At this scale, there is a real positive energy as you work together to achieve your academic goals.

A Global Welcome

The University of Melbourne’s graduate programs attract talented students from around Australia and the world. We pride ourselves on a diverse and open community profile, and our graduate community is no different. Graduate students from ten nations and nearly every state and territory in Australia live at Ormond. Every background brings a unique perspective: living together in a rich community of difference opens these learning experiences for everyone to share.

A Distinct Graduate Voice

Graduate students are all members of the Middle Common Room (MCR) within Ormond. The MCR is led by an elected Committee of six students.

The Graduate Committee forges a unique voice and identity for graduate students within the Ormond College Students’ Club. The Committee organises social, cultural & sporting events and activities, and facilitates communication with the College’s leadership team. The Committee is closely involved with the design of the major annual dinners just for graduates – Commencement Dinner, the Graduate Invitation Dinner and Valedictory Dinner.

In addition to graduate-only activities, all events of the Ormond College Students’ Club (the incorporated Club for both undergraduate and graduate students of the College) are open to graduate members. With 500 members in total, Ormond’s student life is dynamic, diverse and always evolving.

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