James McElroy

Name: James McElroy
Hometown: Sydney, NSW
Course: Juris Doctor (Law)


Why I chose Ormond
Essentially it boils down to a single factor: the people.  In the six months I have been at Ormond, I have met an incredible array of people and formed lifelong friendships.  The relationships you will form with current and past Ormondians will prove invaluable in the future.

The highlight of my Ormond experience
The conversations that you can have when you live with people who study a variety of degrees and have a diversity of interests are truly insightful and thought provoking.  It is on this note that I would have to say the highlight of my experience at Ormond thus far has been those nights where I have relaxed with friends while having dinner and drinks in McCaughey taking in the pretty great views of the Melbourne skyline. 

Ormond surprised me
The thing that has surprised me most about Ormond has been the sheer number of events, seminars, tutorials, lectures and dinners that occur.  So much so, there are simply not enough hours in the day to attend them all.

Ormond’s biggest impact on me
Ormond — or, more correctly, the people who constitute Ormond — have impacted me in two principal ways: they have prompted me to think more broadly and critically about thoughts, positions and points of view I hold.