Yunfei Fan

Name: Yunfei Fan
Home country: China
Course: Master of Information System


The highlight of my Ormond experience
The combination of a modern style academic centre and heritage main building, elegant Master’s dance, delicate food and drinks are all very impressive. However, the most significant part is the people. College life is more like a melting pot than University study, no matter where I come from, where I grew up, people treat me as who I am with their true selves. The delightful environment makes me feel like it is a big family, where we support each other as family members. 

Ormond surprised me
At Ormond we can meet the Master, or any respectful professor in dining hall and they all remember my name and will sit down to have breakfast with me and talk about anything from how to refine a violin to the heater’s condition in my room, which makes me feel at home.