Katherine France

Name: Katherine France
Home country: New Zealand
Course: Juris Doctor

Why I chose Ormond
I chose Ormond on the strength of the College’s academic program and the level of financial assistance that the College provides to graduate students. I was also impressed by the quality of Ormond’s graduate accommodation and facilities. Most importantly, I felt that being amongst a community of driven, like-minded students would complement my experience at Melbourne Law School and I found the College’s staff and students to be very welcoming and friendly.

The services at Ormond
What is impressive about Ormond’s services is the breadth of what is on offer and the commitment of the relevant services teams (i.e. catering, residential services) to responding to residents’ requests.

Top tip for future Ormond students
Get involved. If you come to Ormond, expect to be welcomed into a diverse community that offers a lot to its students. In return, take advantage of what is provided and immerse yourself in the College experience.

Ormond’s biggest impact on me
The people at Ormond have had the biggest impact on me. It is inspiring to watch my peers achieve incredible things but also to have the support and encouragement of the Ormond family through each of my own endeavours.

Advice for students applying to Ormond
First, be yourself. Take the time to prepare an application that reflects the person that you are and the things that you hope to achieve by being part of Ormond. Second, talk to current students. The people currently enrolled in your course or living at Ormond will be able to give you the best indication of day-to-day life in each of these institutions. Third, think big. I often speak to students who think that their dream course, or preferred College, are out of reach or unaffordable. Speaking from experience, this should never be something that stops you from giving it a go.

Ormond’s financial assistance program
I have significantly benefitted from Ormond’s financial assistance program. As a financially independent New Zealand student, I have supported myself through my undergraduate and graduate studies and have had to pay my fees upfront, without any Government assistance. I have been incredibly fortunate to receive substantial financial assistance from Ormond for all three years of my degree, without which it simply would not have been possible for me to stay in residence at Ormond or to complete my legal studies. Ormond goes to tremendous lengths to try and prevent financial difficulties from being a barrier to students’ admission to the College and is one of the few institutions I have encountered that understands the burdens faced by financially independent students. I am so grateful to the benefactors who have enabled me to complete my degree and to live at Ormond for the duration of my course.