Zara La Roche

Hometown: Bairnsdale, Vic
Course & year: Doctor of Medicine (MD)


Why I chose Ormond
I chose to come to a residential College as I was a rural student and anxious about making friends in the city and moving away from home. Living at Ormond has certainly eased this transition. Specifically why Ormond appealed to me was due to a recommendation from a friend. I hadn’t even set foot in Ormond or considered how spectacular a living experience it would be until I sat my interview in January.

The highlight of my Ormond experience
Having lived at Ormond for four years it is difficult to pin down a specific highlight. However there are two key aspects of Ormond that have both influenced my time here and my outlook extraordinarily.

The first is the friendships I have forged here. Ormond has exposed me to a much more diverse set of people than I met in my home town. Additionally, within the context of Ormond the communal living fosters unique and close friendships.

The second is Ormond’s influence on my career ambitions. I have received an education at Ormond that neither the University nor my high school provided. This education was created over conversations in the dining hall, in tutorials and at guest speaker events and has driven my passion for public health.

Ormond surprised me
When I came to Ormond I expected it to be a house to live in and to create a close group of friends. However Ormond’s community experience is much more encompassing. It provides leadership and extracurricular activity.

Top tip for future Ormond students
Ormond’s social and academic calendars are both jam-packed and it can be hard to manage your time commitments. With that in mind, always be involved in the things you are most interested in and learn how to discern what doesn’t interest you so you don’t burn out. Don’t be scared of missing out on some things so that you can make the most of the opportunities you truly want to create for yourself at Ormond.

My favourite thing about Melbourne
I have always visited Melbourne as I have had many school trips here and was involved in an orchestra in Melbourne, however I had never lived here. My favourite thing is having access to the theatres, art galleries and other cultural events at my fingertips.

My proudest accomplishment at Ormond
I have spent years being highly involved at Ormond. The best recognition of this is when younger students ask me for advice.

What I hope to do after my graduate degree
In my career I want to work in public health advocating for indigenous welfare and influencing relevant policy. However my long term goal is to be a rural GP.