Law Program

A big, vibrant community of law students has long been part of Ormond’s heritage. We are committed to building on that heritage under the Melbourne Model, to create legal graduates who will make a real contribution to the law in Australia and the world.

Some of Australia’s finest legal minds, such as Chief Justices Hayne and Dawson, have been residents in the College, along with hundreds of lawyers currently in practice.

Academic Programs

Regular graduate law tutorials are offered to support, enhance and deepen university learning. They can provide opportunities for more practice of professional skills, or a forum for connecting real-world situations with theory. The law tutorial program is overseen by the Senior Law Tutor, Dr Tim McEvoy.

Professional Engagement

Professional engagements are unique, informal opportunities to see inside the profession, make decisions about specialisations and career paths, and network with people already practicing in the field. Our alumni community give generously and enthusiastically of their time to support the professional engagement program.