Medical Academic Programs

A collegiate education in medicine at Ormond builds on your MD experience through individual knowledge and attention. Ormond’s small-group tutorials for medicine students have supported generations of alumni to strengthen the base of their medical knowledge.

Tutorials & consultations

The medical tutorial programs are overseen by the College’s endowed Medical Fellow. Weekly graduate medicine tutorials are offered to support, enhance and deepen university learning. They can provide opportunities for more practice of professional skills, or a forum for connecting real-world situations with theory. The medical tutorials also provide a way for ideas to percolate across the cohort groups with the MD program at the University, exposing students to a wider range of concepts and viewpoints.

Journal Club

Ormond’s MD students have formed their own Journal Club . The club meets three to four times each semester. The Journal Club is an efficient and effective way for students to stay abreast of the latest journal literature in medical science and apprise themselves of key developments which are important for current and future medical practice.