Frequently asked questions

Thinking about going to college? But not entirely sure what a college is…
College (in Australia) is a place where you live to enrich your university experience. Some students come from overseas, interstate; others are from just down the road. Once the university year starts you live here, eat here (all meals are provided), study here, participate in sport and cultural events here and socialise here. Ormond becomes your home away from home for 35 weeks of the year. With such a diversity of people here you will make an amazing network of friends, live in a supportive and equal environment and have a life changing learning experience.

Financial information
The Ormond College fee is a separate fee from university. The Ormond fee cannot be government subsidised or repaid through HECS-HELP but you do have the option to pay it by instalments, by semester or annually. We encourage students who think they could never afford to come to college to read about and apply for financial assistance.

To learn more please read our Financial Assistance - FAQ 

You apply to Melbourne University separately from applying to Ormond College. You must have a university offer to receive an offer to go to college but neither offer is a guarantee of the other. You need to attend the University of Melbourne to attend Ormond College. Some Colleges accept students attending other universities, to find out more about which colleges accept non-University of Melbourne students click hereYou apply with the expectation that you will get into university.

To learn more please read The Application - FAQ 

We are looking for students who want to make a difference in the world and are excited by the idea of living in a vibrant, diverse community.

While Ormond is a popular College, and more people apply than we have places for, we strongly encourage you to apply if you think you are a good fit for the College.

To learn more please read The Selection Process - FAQ 

When in Ormond
We advise all applicants to read through the information about what it is like to live at a college.

To learn more please read our When in Ormond - FAQ 

Apply now

Submit an application for Ormond using the online form on the Intercollegiate Office website. Please note that applications for Semester 1, 2017 are now closed. Applications for Semester 2, 2017 will open in March 2017.

FAQ- The Application

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about applications and offers to Ormond.