O-Week (Orientation Week)

Your community from Day 1

O-Week (Orientation Week) is your introduction to the Ormond community — seven days of terrific welcome activities that you’ll never forget. At the end, students feel like a real part of the Ormond community, have already made friends, and know their way Ormond, the University and Melbourne! We like to think Ormond runs the best O-Week of any college anywhere. O-Week is Ormond culture in a nutshell — it’s about welcome, community, fun, action, and all of our values.

What to expect

The contents of O-Week varies from year to year, but usually includes plenty of ice-breakers, orientation around the College and Uni precinct, excursions to exciting places around Melbourne, an introduction to Ormond’s learning programs, a book reading, a formal welcome dinner and lots of fun.

Orientation Week is organised by a team of 50 leaders, including the General Committee (black hats), Student Support Committee (yellow hats), and the O-Week leaders (red hats). These students dedicate weeks of creative preparation to make sure that O-Week provides an incredible introduction to all their favourite aspects about Ormond and life at University. And while O-Week can be intense, there’s plenty of time-out scheduled in with the fun. There will be lots of time to hang out and get to know your fellow Ormondians. The aim is for everyone to feel welcome, supported and happy in their new home, whilst also having the opportunity to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and make new friends.

All undergraduate students (both resident and non-resident) participate in O-Week. Non-resident students are resident in the College for the duration of the O-Week experience. Graduate students have their own orientation - GO Weekend. There is also a shorter orientation, Re-O-Week, for mid-year entrants.