Student Life

Getting involved is one of the great things about college life at Ormond. The seemingly endless list of clubs, societies, subcommittees and activities put on by the Students' Club means there is always something going on within our walls. Students are encouraged to be part of our culture from the very beginning of their time at Ormond. There are plenty of opportunities to lead an activity and help to make something special happen. If what you fancy isn't on offer, the Club offers the perfect structure to make a start on your own grand vision!

Clubs & Activities

Visual Art

The Visual Art subcommittee exists to equally facilitate art creation and appreciate existing art. Each year, the committee runs an annual Ormond Art Show, a sketch club, guest speakers and visits to art attractions in the local area.

The Chronicle

The Ormond Chronicle is the annual record of the Ormond year. It  showcases the best of our academic, cultural and sporting achievements  throughout the year. It is edited in partnership by students and staff of the College.

Debating Society

The Students' Club has an active and lively debating culture, providing a stimulating learning environment for all Ormondians to express and develop our views on the world.

The Amy Memorial Bowl is the annual Ormond College Debating trophy. Teams fight it out for the much coveted trophy, in the traditional Australasian 3 on 3 format. The intercollegiate debating competition, however, is where things get exciting. As part of the intercollegiate competition, debating can often get feisty, as teams battle it out over impromptu topics. Benefiting from our strong internal debating culture, and our enviable pool of articulate and combative speakers, Ormond often fares favourably.

Drama Club

Drama has become very important at Ormond in recent years. The Ormond College Drama Club now stages a musical every second year and at least one play every year.

The biennial musical is a community undertaking on a grand scale – lighting and sound, costumes, sets, production, direction, publicity, orchestra, acting, singing and dancing are all done by the Club. Close to 100 students are directly involved in putting on the musical in any given year. In addition to the major productions, the Drama Club stages a warm-up and fundraiser in the first semester called ‘Ormond Shorts’, where short skits, play excerpts and dance numbers are performed.

Recent Ormond Productions:

  • 2014: Sunset Boulevard (musical)
  • 2013: Metamorphoses
  • 2012: Spring Awakening (musical)
  • 2011: Peter Pan
  • 2010: Beauty and the Beast (musical)
  • 2009: An Absolute Turkey

See pictures of recent drama productions in the photo gallery →

Junior Common Room Committee

The Junior Common Room (JCR) Committee is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the various processes of running a functioning business. The JCR committee is the official representation of the Ormond College Students Club (OCSC) for the Café and Bar in the JCR in heart of Ormond’s Main Building. The business ownership is split equally between the College and the OCSC and this allows students to take up various roles including marketing, finance, event management and chairing the committee sessions. The committee is responsible for everything from the operating times and coffee supplier through to picking new product lines and selecting the beers to have on the bar taps.

Music Subcommittee

Ormond life offers a wealth of opportunities to perform or listen to all sorts of live music. The fortnightly Open Mic nights in the JCR are times for Ormond students to come together to share their talents. The annual Ormond Battle of the Bands is hotly-fought contest, while Pickenfest, staged every second semester on Picken Lawn, is a day-long celebration of Ormond’s best musical talent.

The Allen House Concert Series, directed by renowned concert pianist Assoc. Prof. Stephen McIntyre, brings eminent Australian and overseas artists to perform in the Allen House salon. College students studying at the VCA and Conservatorium of Music often put on recitals to practice for their end-of-year exams.

The College's Et Nova Choir, directed by Christine Storey, is a rehearsing, SATB choir singing a range of repertoire from Baroque to contemporary.

Ormond Papers

Ormond Papers is the College’s academic journal. It showcases the best academic work from the College community (undergraduate, graduate  and alumni) for the year. It is edited in partnership by students and members of the Senior Common Room.

The Ormondian

The Ormondian is the College’s full-colour, fortnightly student magazine, edited by students, for students. Involving ridiculous amounts of editorial effort, The Ormondian keeps everyone up-to-date with the  big issues; social, sporting and cultural events; trivia; topical features and interviews. The Ormondian is run by a small subcommittee but contribution through writing, photography and production by the rest of the college community is vital. Visit The Ormondian's website and add theormondian on instagram for regular updates.

Sports Teams

There are many opportunities to participate in many sports at Ormond. The intercollegiate competition is competitive, but enjoyable, with varying standards of skill, and is a great way to make friends. Participation in sporting activities is optional.

Intercollegiate sports include: athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, golf, hockey, netball, rowing, rugby, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and cross country. Students also run an annual Ski Week held at the Ormond Ski Lodge at Mt Hotham.

The Students’ Club also organises non-competitive mixed netball and touch rugby tournaments for Ormondians. With classic banter and many laughs, these competitions are very popular among Ormondians.

Lightbulb movement

Formerly known as ‘The Peanut Gallery,’ Lightbulb Moments are nights in the JCR where students speak to the members of the Club about their passions, talents and interests. Speeches are limited to five minutes, and they are always met with engaging debate and much laughter

Sustainability Subcommittee

The Sustainability Subcommittee gives you a chance to look in to ways that Ormond and Ormondians alike can reduce their impact on the environment. We investigate ways of decreasing power consumption, water and gas usage, and more effective methods of waste management. This year we ran an audit of Ormond's waste and wrote a report with recommendations on a new waste management system. It's a great chance to shape the thoughts and opinions of Ormondians so they can go on to live more sustainable lives.

Upper Common Room

The Upper Common Room is a space and group dedicated to supporting third-year Ormondians or those over 21. We foster the sense of community among this group by organising social functions and facilitating career support. Membership includes entry and drinks at all UCR events, unlimited access to the new facilities of the Room in the tower, including surround-sound television, bar access, magazine subscriptions, and some of Melbourne's best views!

Poetry Society

Established in 2013, The Poetry Society is an open and welcoming forum for Ormondians to perform and discuss their poetry. As well as their fortnightly poetry performance nights, they also hold development sessions in the JCR, where students can collaborate on and improve their poems.

Indigenous Subcommittee

The Indigenous Subcommittee facilitates and encourages discussion around indigenous issues both within Ormond, and in the wider community. They are also involved in organisation of the annual Garma/Bawaka trip, which gives Ormondians the opportunity to fully embrace and celebrate Indigenous culture. In 2013 the College’s Reconciliation Action Plan was ratified, which outlines key objectives for the inclusion of indigenous students at Ormond. The College and the Club will work closely together to see these objectives realised.

Or Ma’am

Or Ma’am is a club for the women of Ormond. It provides a place for discussion of issues facing women in the 21st century, as well as a chance to come together and celebrate what it means to be a woman. From tea parties to debates about feminism, the Or Ma’am ladies have got you covered (with a side of serious solidarity, too!)

Or Man

Or Man is a club for the men of Ormond. It celebrates positive elements of masculinity while acknowledging the existence of gender inequality. It aims to explore what it means to be a man in modern society and develop the best version of you. It is also a space for general banter and bloody ripper times for the lads.

Student Voice

jess_h.JPGJess Hoopell
Arts 3/ New South Wales

I didn’t really know a lot about subcommittees before I came to Ormond. There’s an endless list! You can’t get bored here. There’s always something on, and everyone is so proactive. As soon as I got to Ormond there was so much happening, I just did everything! I was involved in Ormond Shorts [first semester drama skit night] almost straight away. I did the Big Bang [Intercollegiate dance off] and I played Intercollegiate hockey.

I’m also on the Smoko [College party] subcommittee. Being on the Smoko subcommittee is really fun. We pick the themes, manage the decorations, set up, organise marquees and music, and actually run it on the night, serving the drinks and working on the door, making sure everyone’s fine. Because it’s such a big part of Ormond life it’s great to feel like I’m helping to contribute to that.