Oscar Thomas

Name: Oscar Thomas
Hometown: Bendigo, Australia
Course: Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience


Why I chose Ormond
I chose Ormond because I wanted the best university experience possible where I have my ideas challenged, meet interesting people and have access to extra academic support. I thought Ormond specifically was best for this as I had learnt about the commitment to student development and teaching of ethics.

Ormond surprised me
I am constantly surprised by how quickly my time is going at Ormond, there’s always something to do which I’m sure has contributed to feeling this way.

The services at Ormond
Food is good, pastoral care system is strong and developing well, tutorials have been super beneficial and every social event is really fun. I’ve particularly liked attending presentations and discussions with special guests from outside Ormond.

Top tip for future Ormond students
Get involved with everything you can. There is so much to do and no matter what, you are probably going to look back and wish you’d done more. Ormond loves people who “get around” things.

My proudest accomplishment at Ormond
I am most proud of the contribution I made to running O-week as a Student Support Committee member. I’m really proud to be part of improving the pastoral care program here.

One item on my Ormond bucket list
Win another intercollegiate sporting grandfinal. Winning cricket this year was nice, but basketball would just be amazing.

Ormond’s financial assistance program
I work casual hours as a gardener at college through the financial assistance program. The support it provides me with is what allows me to take advantage of living in Melbourne by going out and exploring it.