We believe education is at its most powerful when it is personal.

For students, learning at Ormond takes many forms: whether it’s attending a tutorial, learning through volunteering, attending a seminar outside their study area, or being involved in the arts, Ormond offers students a wealth of opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding.

Academic Learning

Students at Ormond have access to a wide range of weekly tutorials supporting their University subjects. These are small-group learning environments, where students are given the time to explore a concept, express an opinion, and tease out an idea.

Tutorials are delivered by our excellent Ormond tutors, who are also practicing professionals, university lecturers or tutors, or graduate students who have already completed their bachelor degree. Our tutors regularly participate in ongoing conversations about the elements of excellent teaching practice in small-group tertiary settings, and are a key resource for students who seek academic success.

While most of our tutorials are directly linked to University subjects, there are also a range of weekly forums, symposiums, and presentations that engage students in conversations about topical intellectual controversies and explorations. These include the Poetry Project, the Science Symposium, the Philosophy Forum, the Ethics Forum, and the Classical Canon (this year focusing on refugees in the ancient world).

Students in each faculty are also invited to work with a staff member to organise a program of extra-curricular events that will appeal to students from their faculty. In previous years this has included guest speakers, visits to workplaces and research facilities, panel discussions about career pathways, film/documentary viewings, and opportunities for older students and tutors to offer tips about exam preparation or subject choice.

Students who have difficulty with their studies for any reason can access our two Academic Advisors, who provide one-on-one support to help them find the successful and motivated learner within.

Beyond Ormond Borders

The Ormond Learning Program also includes our dynamic Beyond Ormond Borders program, where students with an interest in social justice and sustainability come together to develop key skills and to contribute to their local, national or global community. Beyond Ormond Borders addresses some of the complex problems facing our country and our world, and combines the students’ considerable skills, their desire to make a difference, and their unique insights to enable them to enact change. The programs developed in Beyond Ormond Borders are student-led, and include local volunteering opportunities.

Ethics and Problem-Solving

The Master of Ormond College, Associate Professor Rufus Black, each year offers Ormond students a three-part workshop on Ethical Frameworks, and a one-day introduction to Design Thinking. He also leads a small group of senior students through an extended Problem Solving course.

The College offers a weekly seminar on Ethics, covering both Western and Eastern philosophical theories in first semester, and applied ethics in second semester.

Teams of Ormond students compete each year in the Case Competition (where we partner with the City of Melbourne to offer students an authentic problem to solve), and the Pitch Project (where students pitch a policy proposal to a sitting State or Federal politician).

The Centre for Ethical Leadership also offers students an opportunity to compete for a fully-funded trip to the International Business Ethics Case Competition.

World of Work

Through the World of Work program, Ormond students are offered in-house training in work readiness skills including CV preparation and interview techniques, and also guest speakers and workplace visits that expand their knowledge of career pathways and give them an opportunity to network and seek advice from Ormond alumni.

Other Programs

Each year we invite guest speakers to engage with our students and tutors in the Ormond Speakers series (including the Robson Lectures).

We encourage our students to participate in the arts through the choir, the music and visual art programs, and through the various opportunities provided by the Students’ Club.

An editorial committee of Ormond students each year produces Ormond Papers, a published journal which contains academic and creative work from Ormond’s students, staff and alumni.

Ormond College is a place where young people learn from their tutors, from their peers, and from their own experiences. We understand that learning takes place outside of the classroom, and encourage intellectual exploration in tutorial rooms, in our wonderful libraries, in study groups, in quiet student rooms, in dining hall conversations, and out on the lawns.