Ormond tutorials are designed to engage students in small group conversations about the key concepts, core skills, and interesting applications associated with their University subjects.

There are rarely more than five or six students in our tutorials, so there is plenty of time for students to discuss their learning with their tutor and other students. We provide support for a broad range of University of Melbourne subjects, delivering around 110 tutorials each week.

Tutorials take place in our beautiful teaching spaces, including the heritage rooms in Main Building, modern spaces in the Academic Centre, quiet ‘cocoons’ in McCaughey Court, and even the Master’s Office.

Our academic tutorials in 2016 will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. This leaves students free to attend workshops, guest lectures, and special events on Mondays, the Student Club’s activities on Wednesdays, and our sociable music events on Fridays.

In addition to tutorials, students are able to arrange one-on-one consultations with their tutors to work through any challenging aspects of the subject.