Ormond College tutors are highly skilled, and quality teaching and learning is at the centre of the Ormond Learning Program. Our students achieve excellent results because we understand that the best learning is place-based and personal.

We currently have eleven resident tutors and fellows who teach in the Ormond Learning Program, and who are closely involved in the life of the College. These tutors assist students with teaching and mentoring, and provide an experienced, adult perspective on learning and community living.

Our six Leading Tutors work three full days/evenings each week, and connect with many of our students through tutorials and individual consultations. The Leading Tutors also participate in the design and delivery of professional development activities which are provided for all Ormond tutors.

With our network of other regular tutors who come to Ormond especially to deliver weekly tutorials, we can facilitate high quality learning in a truly broad range of subjects, and include people with diverse professional and academic expertise.

We are committed to excellent teaching and we conduct regular professional development activities that enable tutors to share and learn. Our tutors also engage in peer observation to ensure they continue to adapt and improve their teaching practice.