Dining & Meals

The Ormond Dining Hall is a special space that turns every meal into an experience.

‘Hall culture’ is one of the great features of Ormond life. If you ask a student what they love about living at Ormond, conversations over dinner in Hall is sure to come near the top of the list. A dinner conversation with someone in a different discipline, with a different worldview, opens up new perspectives that will sustain you mentally long after the meal is forgotten.


21 meals per week (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day) are included in the College’s fee. A light supper is served at 9:30pm each evening. Afternoon tea is served during swotvac.

Breakfast and lunch are available in the servery. Breakfast includes cereals, toast, fruit, and porridge during winter, and a daily hot breakfast option. Lunch includes a self-service sandwich bar as well as hot options. Two nights a week we have 'formal' dinners, with academic gowns and table service. Other dinners are servery style – just take a plate or tray and select what you’d like to eat. On Sundays, an extremely popular brunch is served.

The quality of food is excellent. We cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. Prospective students should discuss any special requirements or combinations of requirements that they have during their selection interview.

Student Service

As part of their commitment to the community, undergraduate students undertake two hours of Student Service every fortnight. Student Service activities include serving and clearing in Hall, cleaning dishes, or working in the pantry. Student Service times and duties are allocated by the Student Service co-ordinators. 

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