Why Choose Ormond?

A degree, an experience, an education for making a difference.

The Ormond experience can take a great Melbourne degree and make it a world-class education. A diverse, active community; unique academic programs and first-rate facilities come together to give you the headstart you need.

Living in our academic community fosters friendships, skills, perspectives and knowledge that you will draw on for life. Our focus is on helping you to get the most out of your College experiences so that you can make the difference you want to make in the world. You’ll follow in the footsteps of generations of Ormondians, many of whom have gone on to make a disproportionate difference in their chosen field of endeavour.

Why you should choose Ormond:

A Big, Active Community

Ormond is a large community—with 360 undergraduate students in residence, we are the largest residential college at the University of Melbourne and one of the largest residential colleges in Australia.  Our size underpins an energetic culture of bringing creative ideas to life. Best of all, this culture is entirely student-led. Nearly every day, there is something new—from inventing a sport, to a dance night; from a philosophy forum to a LAN gaming championship, you can’t possibly do everything that’s happening at Ormond. Being in a big college also means you’ll be in a cohort with plenty of other students studying the same degree. Learn more about our community .


Diversity is the secret to expanding horizons. That’s why diversity is really important to us — so much so that it’s one of our values.  Students from more than 20 nations, every state and territory, and a huge range of social backgrounds live at Ormond. You’ll meet people who you feel immediately close to, and others who will challenge you. And, in doing so, you’ll grow in awareness about the world, other people, and yourself.


The Ormond Program of Learning, Leadership & Global Ethics is a unique, three-year tandem development program to prepare you to take on the big challenges that lay ahead. Self & Society tutorials help you with personal learning and development strategies, and lay out a map for understanding today’s global issues. Depth tutorials anchor your University learning experience with a truly personal dimension, helping you to master the material and venture beyond. Read more in Learning at Ormond.


At the core of our community is a rich set of values: Community, Learning, Integrity, Diversity and Heritage. These values are far more important to our community than any rules we could write. Students at Ormond enjoy both the freedoms and responsibilities of being young adults in a young adult community. As you become an independent citizen, the values provide a compass for your personal development. Read about our values.


Our outstanding heritage-listed architecture and spacious grounds, located adjacent to the University campus, provide an ideal environment for everything that we do. Students enjoy the use of our new, state-of-the-art Academic Centre and recreational facilities including a café/bar and well-equipped gymnasium. As well as modern facilities, our magnificent Neo-Gothic Main Building and Dining Hall provide a spectacular link to the past. Twenty-one excellent meals are provided each week and are included in the College’s residential fees.  Learn more about life on campus.