Special announcement: change in leadership

From the Chair of Ormond College Council:

After 9 years as Master, Rufus Black will be concluding his term at the end of the year to take up the role of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania.

I would like to congratulate him on his appointment and express the Council’s appreciation for his leadership through an important period of growth and development for the College.

Rufus will continue through to the end of the year as the Council begins its search for the next Master.

Rufus leaves the College in great shape and very well positioned to continue to pursue Ormond’s current strategic direction to which the Council remains very committed.

During his term as Master, the College community has evolved significantly. It has grown a vibrant and successful graduate community who are now an integral part of the College, and a sizable non-resident community of later year students, which means most undergraduates remain members of the College throughout their degrees.

Rufus has been very committed to seeing the College play a larger role in the education, development and welfare of students. He has led the development of a strong permanent academic teaching staff, the creation of a team dedicated to student welfare and the appointment of staff to support students to develop their skills to serve the community.

Through Rufus’ leadership, Ormond has also expanded the scope of its academic involvement in the life of the University with the creation of the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship. In broadening the scope of the College’s educational role, he saw Ormond become home for the Centre for Ethical Leadership. He has actively promoted a stronger intercollegiate system.

Supporting these developments has been renewal of the College’s infrastructure. Rufus has directed the development of new spaces at Ormond, including the completion of the Academic Centre, creation of student rooms in the gables of both the Main Building and McCaughey Court, new staff residences, the two graduate buildings, the Wade Institute building and the major refurbishment of all the Common Rooms and the kitchen. Many of these projects have won architectural awards. The College has also been able to begin the vital long-term restoration works on the Main Building.

With a strong focus on the College’s values, Rufus has been very committed to the College’s concern for accessibility, inclusion and diversity. The financial assistance provided to students has tripled and this support has enabled the College to grow a significant cohort of indigenous students.

We wish Rufus well in his new role as Vice-Chancellor. Rufus and his family are very regular visitors to Tasmania and he is excited to be taking up a role in a University so committed to playing a transformative role in the State’s economic and social future.

I also know that, having had an Ormond life as a student, tutor, Chaplain and Master, and Ormond being the place where Rufus and Catherine met and married and that has been home for their children, Ormond will always have a special place in his life as it does for so many of us.


Andrew Michelmore
Chair of Council


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