Bequests/The 1881 Club

Remembering Ormond in your will helps to ensure that future generations of students will continue to receive a life-changing learning and living experience

Bequest 1881

“As well as looking after your own family into the future, including the College in your will is a good way to do your bit for the Ormond community that supported you. Many of us wouldn’t have been at Ormond unless our forebears had been generous and provided funds for us.” - Warwick Bisley (1963)

Francis Ormond, John MacFarland, Frank Raleigh, Rutherford Kaye Scott and Davis McCaughey are just a few of the many Ormondians who have contributed significantly to the College through a bequest.

  • Bequests to Ormond typically support one of the following areas:
  • General purposes (enables the College Council to support the areas of greatest need)
  • Scholarships (for students with limited financial means to attend College)
  • Fellowships and teaching (provides access to world-class teachers, speakers and learning experiences)
  • Buildings and maintenance (ensures our heritage-listed buildings will be maintained for future generations)

Bequestors are invited to join the College's bequest society The 1881 Club, allows memberst to maintain a close connection with the College through 1881 Club functions and other events held throughout the year to acknowledge and thank our benefactors.

While we encourage all bequest donors to become members of the 1881 Club, we also welcome and respect bequests made anonymously.

If you are considering including Ormond College in your will, or have already done so, please contact Peter Edwards, Associate Director of Advancement, on +61 3 9344 1141 or by email to discuss your preferences and intentions, and to receive further information.

“Ormond is a wonderful place for residence and tutorial assistance. The times I have had here I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. If it wasn’t for this scholarship I would not have been able to afford to be here; due to this scholarship, I will treasure my unique Ormond experiences for the rest of my life.” - Ormond third-year Engineering student