Gables Rooms

Senior students – Innovative spaces

To meet the needs of our students, we have created the opportunity for more senior students to live in Main Building by constructing 20 attic-style rooms in the gables of Main Building. Utilising this existing unused roof space is in keeping with the College’s heritage, preserving and enhancing the original facilities which are part of Ormond’s foundation, character and rich history.

The twenty student rooms in the Gables were opened to coincide with the beginning of Semester 2, 2012. Students' feedback indicates that they are delighted with these attractive new spaces.

Hear from two of the Gables' new residents in this short video:

Progress Report October 2012

All 20 student residents moved into the Gables at the beginning of Semester 2. Initial feedback on the amenity of the rooms has been extremely positive.

Work on the Tower has been completed, and the spaces have been completely reconfigured following the removal of the second stairwell. The upper and middle tower spaces have been refloored, with a modern bar space installed on the middle tower level. In upper tower, restoration work (including removing unsympathetic alterations and additions) will be complemented with custom furniture and lighting.


Upper Tower


The new bar in Middle Tower


Gables foyer area underneath the tower




Student rooms in the completed Gables project


Bi-level student room in the completed Gables project.