Scholarships: keep Ormond accessible


“If I didn’t have this scholarship, I wouldn’t be here – it’s as simple as that.” — Ormond second-year student 2013

Scholarship support helps to keep Ormond accessible to the best students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Supporting students can help them make the most of their time at university and College and reduce the number of hours spent in employment to make ends meet.

Currently about one third of students need significant financial support to come to Ormond.

Many students struggle with the expenses of receiving a first-rate education in Australia. Students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, rural and regional students, graduate students, Indigenous students and students with families experiencing financial hardship are those most at risk.

Additional scholarship funds would make Ormond accessible to these students for whom the opportunity of coming to University and College is contingent on significant financial support.

In addition to those who apply, a number of talented students do not even consider College as an option due to their financial constraints. The possibility of strong financial assistance brings a College experience into consideration for these students.

We cannot currently help all those who need our assistance. With your support, we will.

The current endowment funds cannot keep pace with the increasing cost of tertiary education and the financial pressures now faced by students. 

In recognition of the important place accessibility holds in the minds of students and alumni, the Council has adopted the strategic goal of making the College accessible, regardless of a student’s financial background, within a generation.

How to give

If you would like more information about establishing or contributing to a new scholarship at Ormond, please contact Peter Edwards, Associate Director of College Advancement, on +61 3 9344-1249 or