How you can support

Meaningful giving is simple and attainable. The College’s Advancement Office is experienced at structuring and managing gifts for those who wish to support students.

Hundreds of members of the Ormond community are involved in helping to make the Ormond experience possible for this generation of students and generations into the future.

There are many ways that you can establish a scholarship, tailored to your particular interests, circumstances and capacity, to make a difference to the life of a student: 

Creating an endowed fund in perpetuity

A fund, with a minimum corpus of $125,000, is donated to the College. The fund is invested and 4% (in line with global best practice) is drawn down annually to provide at least $5,000 of assistance to a student. With careful fund management (overseen by the College’s Investment Committee and audited annually) we are aiming to sustain the real value of the endowment in perpetuity, allowing for inflation and the rising costs of College residence.

Example: The Richard and Verna Gutch Scholarship fund of $350,000 provides $14,000 pa to assist students from rural Australia. .

Direct support scholarships, over one to three years

A donor provides an amount of money that is directly given to students needing financial assistance.

Example: The Walter Family is providing a student of mathematics with $15,000 pa over three years for the Walter Family Scholarship.

Consortium scholarships

A group of donors, usually with a common profession or College year-group, comes together to provide an endowment or a direct support scholarship. This reduces the size of the commitment required by each participant.

Example: A consortium of five alumni lawyers is providing $10,000 pa over three years for two $5,000 JD Scholarships. The average contribution of each member of the group is $2,000 pa.