Meet the Master

Ormond has a great tradition of preparing people from all walks of life to make a disproportionate difference in the world.

In the 21st century, that mission is more important than ever as the world faces an extraordinary set of challenges – from solving climate issues, and closing national and international poverty gaps – to creating humane cities and improving people’s well-being.

Our student life provides abundant opportunities for students to lead, whether in drama, sport, community service or organising social events. We also believe that learning to live well in a community of more than 500 people is an education in itself!

Our academic program not only supports the work students undertake at the University but increasingly provides people with an opportunity to learn about, and personally engage in, the tackling of global challenges.

What underpins all we do at Ormond are our values of Learning, Community, Diversity, Integrity and Heritage.

While what we do is serious, Ormond is also a terrifically fun and vibrant community, where people make friends and create memories that they will cherish for life.

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– Master Lara McKay

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