Our People

A terrific team driven to make Ormond an unforgettable experience. 

The College’s governance and management structure consists of a Council, the Master and a Senior Leadership team.

Council is the governing body of the College, which determines policy, approves the College budget, and guides the strategic direction and development of the College.

The Master is responsible for the management of the College.

On a day-to-day basis the College is managed by a Senior Management team. This team is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of all aspects of College life, to ensure that Ormond provides an outstanding residential collegiate education and experience for its students.

College Council


Mr Richard Loveridge OC (1981)

Deputy Chair

Revd Dr Robert Johnson OC (1966)


Lara McKay


Ms Sally Draper OC (1980)
Mr Rob Stewart OC (1982)
Mr Peter Wade OC (1971)
Mr Christian Johnston OC (1991)
Ms Lisa Leong OC (1990)
Prof Alison Duxbury OC (1988)

Senior Management Team


Lara McKay

Master’s Executive Assistant

Lynne McKay

Vice Master

Dr Areti Metuamate

Assistant College Dean

Di Bambra

Chief Operating & Innovation Officer

Jacqui Walker

Executive Director Engagement

Kim Howells

Dean of Learning

Michael Patterson

Dean of Student Success and Wellbeing

Rose Jost

Acting Dean of Students

James Kelly

Freemantle Fellow

Amba-Rose Atkinson

Director, Innovation and Enterprise

Nick Kaye

Director of Operations

Sally Robinson

Human Resource Manager

Louise Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

Tony Burn

Associate Director Finance

Joe Dimasi

Community Engagement Manager

Samuel Hawkins

Admissions Manager

Kim Exell

Communications and Marketing Manager

Dr Hedieh Hatami



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