AOC program

Associate Ormond College (AOC) is an independent learning program designed and delivered by Ormond College to build the skills young people need to thrive in the new world of work.

After university, our young people are stepping into a workforce that will look drastically different to the one we know now. Competitiveness, technological advancements and increasingly collaborative ways of working mean they’ll need a new set of skills. Critical enterprise skills that complement their academic learning and give them the edge to be successful as the world’s next job seekers and job creators.

Australia is undergoing the most significant disruption in the world of work since the industrial revolution, and how we respond has huge implications for the next generation.

Foundation for Young Australians’ 2016 New Work Order Report

The AOC program will enrich participants with new ideas and practical frameworks which can be applied in all disciplines and work settings.

Enterprise skills for tomorrow's leaders

The Program


  • 1 hour class per week, 8 classes per semester
  • No additional work necessary outside of the class times
  • Recognition for prior learning is available for other College programs


Year 1: Ethical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, High-Performance Teams
Year 2: Design Thinking, Data Literacy, Managing your Career
Year 3: Effective Communication, Social Media, Case Competition

Who is it for? Open to all Ormond undergraduates and graduates

Cost? Free

What do students receive?

  • 2 completed units: Ormond College letter detailing competencies
  • 4 completed units: Letter and Ormond College Certificate
  • 6 completed units: We are exploring ways for students to be awarded a micro-accreditation in addition to the Ormond College letter and Certificate.

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