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We can help make your College experience possible

Ormond College has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion for students from many backgrounds, experiences and areas of study. Thanks to the generosity of our former students and other benefactors, up to $1.4 million in financial assistance is available to eligible students each year.

If you feel like finances may be a barrier for you, get in touch to discuss how we can help you join the Ormond community as a graduate student.


Residential fees cover the cost of living at Ormond College, which includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Heating, electricity etc.
  • Sporting, cultural and some social activities
  • College learning program and tutorials

Residential fees do not cover:

  • Room condition bond
  • Enrolment fee
  • O week fee
  • Student’s Club fee
  • Some social events

These costs can be found in the Fee Schedule below.

There are three accommodation categories for graduate students and fees vary accordingly.

Graduates have two meal alternatives; all meals (21 p/week), and 7 meals (p/week). Any additional meals are charged at a rate of $12 per meal.

Graduate contracts are made on an annual basis, paid in ten equal installments from February to November. During January and December of the residential year, accommodation is available to graduate students at no additional charge, but with reduced services.

Students applying to live at Ormond College while studying on exchange or study abroad at The University of Melbourne are required to pay their residential fees upfront and prior to arrival.

Couples in Residence

Ormond is able to accommodate couples in McCaughey Court apartments. One person must be a full-time student at The University of Melbourne or its affiliates.


2020 Fee Schedule: Graduate

Fees for Graduate residents

Financial Assistance

Applications for Financial Assistance for 2021 are now open.

1 in 3 Ormond students are supported by our Financial Assistance Program. We do everything we can to break down financial barriers and provide opportunities for people from all walks of life to be part of the Ormond community.

Some students we support:

  • Are all-round achievers and/or make positive contributions to community
  • Have family incomes which may present barriers for them
  • Choose particular fields of study such as medicine, law, maths or engineering
  • Grew up in rural or regional Australia
  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Attended a government secondary school
  • Demonstrate academic excellence and/or outstanding ability.

Don’t let finances stop you applying. See our FAQs to learn more and get in touch to discuss your options.


Financial assistance is offered to students from households with a combined taxable income below AUD$250,000.

The amount of financial assistance offered is based on the individual financial needs of every student. Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure we are best meeting each student’s individual needs.

Application process

You must have submitted an application for residency before submitting an application for financial assistance. Please download the ‘Financial Assistance Application Graduate 2021’ form below.


Graduate students can join our learning program as tutors to develop their teaching expertise. Graduate tutors are paid an hourly rate which depends on the kind of tutorials and other consultations they are involved in. If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a tutor at Ormond, please discuss with the Learning team once your application is accepted.

Extra funds 

We have speciality funds available for people studying medicine, law, and engineering, among others.

Not sure you will qualify? Have other questions? Please see our FAQs.


Financial Assistance Brochure


Financial Assistance Application Graduate 2021

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