Fees & Financial Assistance

We don’t want financial capacity to be a barrier for any high-potential students who want a world-class education.

Thanks to former students and other benefactors, Ormond’s endowment funds enable us to offer generous assistance to students who, for reasons of financial need, would not otherwise be able to enter or remain in College.

Students who would like to come to Ormond but think they cannot afford the fees should discuss their options with us.


Residential fees cover the cost of living, residence and board at Ormond College, including meals, heating, electricity, sport, cultural and social activities as well as the College tutorial and learning programs.

The standard undergraduate fee is for 34 week period of residence. In 2018 this is:

Semester 1: Saturday 24 February – Friday 22 June (17 weeks)

Semester 2: Saturday 21 July – Friday 16 November (17 weeks)

All students are required to leave residence between semesters as Ormond is used as a function space.

Students applying to live at Ormond College while studying on exchange or study abroad at The University of Melbourne are required to pay their residential fees upfront and prior to arrival.


2018 Fee Schedule: Undergraduate

Financial Assistance

Our financial assistance options include scholarships, prizes and bursaries to a total value of over $1,400,000. Around 30% of our students receive some form of financial assistance.

Your Options

Financial assistance is usually in the form of a ’financial aid package’ consisting of a combination of bursary, scholarship support, and in later years, employment.  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic excellence and / or outstanding ability.

  • Field of study: based on your field of study.
  • Background: Indigenous and government school applicants.
  • General scholarships: based on financial need
  • College employment: we offer over 100 part-time employment opportunities for students in their second year or above.


Key Dates

  • Financial Assistance applications for Semester 1, 2019 open on 1 August and close on 20 December.

Late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and are at the discretion of the Master. Please download the application excel file below.

For more information visit our FAQs page.


Financial Assistance Brochure


Financial Assistance Application - Undergraduate 2019


All financial assistance applications are treated in the strictest confidence by the College.

We understand that many financial assistance applications contain sensitive information relating to people’s personal and financial situations. The information you provide will only be used on a need-to-know basis by relevant senior staff.

We’re unable to consider any application for financial assistance unless all the information is supplied.

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