Amplify your potential and bring learning to life!

We don’t think learning should be limited to a classroom. We want to help our students thrive and love learning. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into creating a personalised program of learning activities to reward curiosity and expand your knowledge and understanding.

Learning Programs

Summer intensive deep diving into Plato’s Republic

Beyond Ormond Borders

Students with an interest in social justice and sustainability come together to develop key skills and to contribute to their local, national or global community. They address some of the complex problems facing our country and our world.

We combine our students’ desire to make a difference and their unique perspective to empower them to create the change they want to see in the world. These initiatives are student-led, and include local volunteering opportunities.

World of Work

Ormond students are offered in-house training in work readiness skills including CV preparation and interview techniques. As well as guest speakers and workplace visits that expand their knowledge of career pathways and give them an opportunity to network and connect with Ormond alumni.

Arts and Community

Our Musician in Residence, eminent classical pianist Stephen McIntyre, invites his friends and students to delight us with regular Allen House Soirees. Our small art and design studio fosters a collaborative relationship amongst Ormond’s artistic students and offers them space to prepare for the annual Art Show. The dynamic singing and music scene at Ormond is student-driven.

Fridays @ 1: a student-led robust conversation about topical political and social issues.

Ethics and Problem-Solving

An introduction to ethical frameworks, these workshops are highly interactive and examine contemporary ethical challenges through the lens of key philosophical schools of thought.

This is complemented by weekly seminars on Ethics, covering both Western and Eastern philosophical theories in first semester, and applied ethics in second semester.

Our partners, The Centre for Ethical Leadership, also offer you an opportunity to compete for a fully-funded trip to the International Business Ethics Case Competition.

Case Competition

Teams of Ormond students compete to find a solution to a real problem posed by the City of Melbourne. Mentoring by domain experts and support from College staff and alumni assist students in their task. This year’s topic is homelessness.

Pitch Project

Teams of Ormond students have the opportunity to pitch a policy proposal to a federal or state politician, taking into consideration their party platform and portfolio interests. A genuine chance to make a difference today.


We welcome guest speakers most Mondays to discuss diverse and stimulating themes; most emerge from current student interests and public sphere controversies.

Weekly Science Symposium: a packed house to hear from Nobel Laureate, Peter Doherty

Federal Budget Week Tour

Every year, students have the opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes of Australian policy-making and politics with our Budget Week tour. A unique perspective into the inner workings of one of the pinnacle moments in the parliamentary calendar.

Problem Solving Workshops

Offers students a chance to build skills and test themselves against contemporary challenges.

Ormond Papers

Each year, an editorial committee of Ormond students produces Ormond Papers, a published journal which contains academic and creative work from Ormond’s students, staff and alumni.

Annual Garma trip

Travel and Cultural Experiences

We facilitate a range of experiences including the GARMA Festival, an excursion to the Bawaka homeland, the summer school at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, and the reading of the Federal Budget in Canberra (hosted by Ormond alumni).


Students at Ormond have access to a wide range of weekly evening tutorials supporting their subjects at the University.

These are group learning environments where there’s time to explore a concept, express an opinion and tease out an idea. We offer approximately 150 tutorials each week.

They’re designed to engage students in small group conversations about the key concepts, core skills, and interesting applications associated with their University subjects.

Our excellent Ormond tutors include practicing professionals, university lecturers and tutors, and graduate students.

In addition to tutorials, students are able to arrange one-on-one consultations with their tutors to work through any challenging aspects of the subject.

Academic Support

The transition to university life is a big change, so many students go through stages when they struggle with their studies. Our Touchstone Program gives you the personal support you need to help you get back on track.

Robson Fellowship: Visiting Speakers

Waleed Ali presents the Robson Fellowship talk

Through the generosity of our alumni, Ormond is able to engage wonderful speakers to inspire conversation and reflection in our communities. The lectures (funded by the Robson Fellowships, the GEM Scott Fellowship, and the Barney Allen Memorial Trust) are significant events in the College year.

The Robson Fellowship is a visiting speakers program, established by alumnus Dr Graeme Robson in 2005, to foster the discussion and exploration of a broad range of ideas, values and issues at Ormond.

In keeping with Dr Robson’s desire to go beyond the format of lectures, Robson Fellows interact with students in a number of less-formal ways, which include in-residence programs, seminars, workshops, dinner addresses, debates, lunchtime forums, and small group discussions. The aim is to encourage and stimulate thoughtful discussion and exchanges with and between college residents.

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