Et Vetera Lunch 2022

Ormond College Master, Lara McKay welcomed over 60 alumni to the Dining Hall on Wednesday 18 May, 2022 to celebrate the Et Vetera lunch and introduce the class of 1972 freshers to the Et Vetera group.

Associate Dean, Casey White delivered a soulful rendition of “Everything old is new again” by Peter Allen from the Boy from Oz.

Ian Cochran (1972)


Ian Cochran (1972) spoke on behalf of the incoming 1972 group highlighting many of the important milestones the students witnessed while in College, including the introduction of the metric system, the Munich Olympic Games, the Ashes tour of England, among others. Mr Cochran highlighted the ongoing importance of his Ormond education throughout his career, where the opportunity to lean on a colleague for advice and support was available and appreciated.

OCSC Vice-Chair, Claire Fidler welcomed alumni back to the College and highlighted the diverse nature of the student population today, not only at the College, but also at the University adding that she looked forward to when she comes back to the College for such events in the future.

MCR Chair, Annabella Thomas thanked those alumni present for their continued involvement in the College community and particularly those who contribute to the College’s scholarship program.

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