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The forgotten founder

Speech by the Master, Rufus Black, from the Founders and Benefactors dinner Tonight I want to say a word about our forgotten founder. Unlike Ormond, Morrison or MacFarland or early Council members...

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Alumni profile: Sr Dr Mary Glowrey

Sr Dr Mary Glowrey, pioneering early woman doctor and trailblazing medical missionary in India, has been designated a ‘Servant of God’, indicating that her life and works are being...

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2016 Rhodes Scholars

Ormond College alumni Bede Jones and Rebecca Duke have been awarded the 2017 Tasmanian and Victorian Rhodes Scholarship, respectively, for postgraduate study at the University of Oxford. The...

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Meet a graduate student: Joanna Yan

Hometown: New Zealand Course: Master of Entrepreneurship “Being a graduate, yet a freshman, at Ormond College every day has been a new adventure that was different from my life back at home....

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