Help keep Ormond accessible

The Ormond community is committed to keeping the College accessible to the best students, regardless of their financial circumstances, and providing these students with opportunities they otherwise would not have had.

Currently about one third of students need significant financial support to come to Ormond.

Students such as those from rural or Indigenous backgrounds, face significant obstacles to higher education. Scholarship support is vital to redress this imbalance and overcome these barriers

I came from a small country town in Western NSW. Being able to be part of Ormond has nurtured me through the enormous lifestyle adjustments which university demanded. Once I found my feet, the academic stimulation and extracurricular offerings available here have fed my passion and continued the momentum. Being part of this community has changed my life.

Lars Hennicke, recipient of the McLean Family Scholarship

Creating pathways of opportunity

When we enable students to come to Ormond, their lives are transformed.

Without this scholarship, I would still be in Stawell working to try to afford the costs of university, with little hope of being able to afford to move close enough to a tertiary education centre like the University of Melbourne.

Your generosity has meant that I have been able to not only attend Melbourne Uni, which has always been my aspiration, but to live at Ormond College. It has been a life changing opportunity and I am eternally thankful and grateful of your benevolence.

Natasha Kennedy-Read, recipient of the Fielding Menzies Tertiary Scholarship

Opening new perspectives, creating possibilities, nurturing aspirations – the chance to come to Ormond changes the direction of students’ lives. Your support will be an investment in young people who will influence and lead positive change in Australian society and throughout the world.

How you can support

You can establish a named scholarship in perpetuity, support a scholarship over 3 to 5 years, or donate to existing scholarships such as General Scholarships, Indigenous Scholarships, Rural Scholarships, Graduate Student Scholarships or Government School Student Scholarships.

The enduring legacy of Francis Ormond’s vision to support educational opportunity for students from all backgrounds binds all of us who were fortunate enough to pass through Ormond College.

Sandy Hutton (1977)

You can transform students’ lives by providing scholarships to enable the very best students to come to, and remain at, Ormond. Through your support, within a generation no student will miss out on the Ormond experience for financial reasons.

You can help change the world by giving people the opportunities that will enable them to make a difference, as so many alumni have done in their various fields.

How you can support

If you would like more information about establishing or contributing to a scholarship, please contact Peter Edwards, Acting Director – Advancement, on +61 3 9344-1249 or

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