Father’s Day Brunch 2022

Ormond College Master, Lara McKay welcomed over 300 students, Father’s and guests to the Dining Hall on Sunday 4 September, 2022 to celebrate Father’s Day over two brunch sessions.

Art History exchange student, guitarist and vocalist Peter Barrington dedicated a live cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” to those present.

Lara McKay highlighted the importance of family and community to the Ormond College experience along with the resurgence of many traditional Ormond events and activities starting to re-emerge following the difficult two years of the pandemic, such as:

– The Ormond College mentoring program between alumni and students
– Founders & Benefactors Dinner for scholarship students and their donors
– Et Vetera lunch for those alumni 50 years out of College and above
– The 1881 Club music evening coming up, as well as
– The Ormond Rowing Dinner celebrating 100 years of the King’s Regatta in Australia

The Master also invited all families to join her for the Women’s + AFL Grand Final taking place on the University oval between Ormond and Trinity following brunch.

The student club philanthropy team raffled a hamper of Ormond goodies to those present to raise funds for “Connor’s Run” for the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation.

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