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Ormond papers banner 2018

Ormond Papers: 2018 edition ‘Change’

Ormond Papers is an annual student publication collating creative writing, poetry, essays, articles and art produced by members of the Ormond community. Content warning: Ormond Papers discusses...

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Staff profile: Dennis Stammers

There have been many changes at Ormond in the last 33 years: five Masters, thousands of students, many dedicated staff. But one thing – until now – has remained the same: Dennis Stammers....

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Our student community is a force for good

Making a positive impact on the world and those we share it with is true to the very heart of what it means to be an Ormondian. Part of our DNA as a College for over 130 years, the great sense of...

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new ormond college master lara mckay

The new Master of Ormond College

From the Chair of Ormond College Council: On behalf of the Ormond College Council, I am pleased to announce that our extensive search for a new Master of Ormond College has led us to an exciting...

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Alumni Profile: Jennie Ponsford AO (1976)

Neuropsychologist Professor Jennie Ponsford (1976) has helped thousands of road accident survivors with traumatic brain injuries. Her expertise and commitment were recognised in this year’s...

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